Code Name: Sgt Slaughter


Primary MOS: 18A, Special Forces Team Leader

Secondary skills: X8, Drill Sergeant

Birthplace: CLASSIFIED

Rank/Affiliation: Sergeant Major Retired, Action Force

Every soldier has stories about their Drill Sergeants from Basic Training, but few can compare to the claims of a 6’2′, 240-pound giant known as Sgt Slaughter. Now retired, Sgt Slaughter began his military career as a Special Forces Team Sergeant, leading classified operations in the early eighties. At some point in his career Slaughter left the teams to become a Drill Sergeant at Fort Benning, where he pummeled young recruits into the ground, day and night. It’s what earned him the nickname “Sgt Slaughter”. It didn’t matter to him who the recruits were, or where they were from, he treated them all alike, and turned them into real soldiers.

After Benning Sgt Slaughter retired and was recalled to serve as a Special Tactics Instructor to a Special Missions Unit within the United States Military, where he served until 1994, after which he formally retired from active military service. When the nation collapsed, Sgt Slaughter was pegged to again serve as an advisor to a new Special Missions Unit called Action Force, where he passed on his experience and knowledge from his days in the teams. Slaughter may be well known, but his true identity is not, but that won’t stop any enemies from hunting him down. For Sgt Slaughter, the real fight has just begun