Action Force Prototype Armaments Set (Limit 3 per customer)


Action Force Prototype Armaments Set (Limit 1 per customer)

***This item is limited to 3 per customer/user.  Should you try and order an additional set, your order will be cancelled.  Please respect this process and other customers***

Set includes 35 pieces ( 9 rifles/shotguns, 6 pistols/small arms, 6 knives/bladed weapons, 12 magazines, 1 bipod & 1 ammo box)

4 Rifles feature removable magazines

Grenade launcher features spinning cylinder

1:12 scale accessories

***Please note the SAW rifle does not include the ammo belt that attaches to the ammo box***

Terms & Conditions: By purchasing this product, you agree to refrain from scalping any Action Force product.  If you are caught scalping any Action Force items, any current or pre-order you have will be cancelled and you will be blocked form making any further purchases.  Should you have any orders with a third party vendor, your oder will be cancelled and blocked with them as well.  It will be the determination of Valaverse on what is classified as scalping.  Please be an honorable collector.  

Please allow up to 5 business days to process orders

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