Action Force

Steel Brigade

Art by Bobby Vala & Ed Waysek Steel Brigade

Action Force

Code Name: Various
File Name: Classified
Birthplace: Various
Primary Specialty: Covert Operations
Secondary Skills: Extraction

In the rare occurrence that the Action Force team is overwhelmed by enemies or require additional troops to complete a mission, there is only one unit to call in, the Steel Brigade. The Steel Brigade is more than just an elite squad, they are perfected military expertise. They are the only back up you will ever need. The Steel Brigade boasts a perfect mission success rate and for good reason. Every member of Steel Brigade has to pass six levels of training before they can even be considered for the unit. Think of level one as BUD/S. Even after training only one out of every ten are chosen. Each member of Steel Brigade is an expert in every form of tactical warfare, weapons, covert operations, interrogation, extraction and espionage. The mental toll alone keeps even the most elite members of Action Force from accepting the invite only recruitment. The level of dedication to the unit makes having a family or personal life absolutely off limits. Even the training facility location is unknown to anyone outside of the Steel Brigade. The running joke with the members of Action Force is that the Steel Brigade members are genetically created in a lab. Being a part of Steel Brigade is a privilege held in the highest regard and it is because of this that they are so trusted when called upon.


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