With a wealth of experience developing high quality collector products, the goal of Valaverse is to create all new items with story, quality and exposure to enhance the fan experience. It all starts with a story and these properties will all have an in-depth storyline and characters to expand the Valaverse. Quality is paramount when it comes to the products created by Valaverse. So much attention and hard work is given to creating these items so when you hold it in your hand, you’ll know it’s a Valaverse figure. The road to creating toys is long and every Valaverse supporter will be along for the ride. You will not be left in the dark while these products are created in a secret lab. Constant news and updates will be available during the journey so everyone can feel like they are part of the Valaverse.

The Leader

Valaverse is the creation of the award-winning toy professional, Bobby Vala. With many years of experience, Bobby has worked for several major toy companies managing some of the largest licenses in the industry. Now with his flagship brand, Action Force, Bobby is looking to make a big impact in the toy world.

However, one man couldn’t do this all on his own. Several individuals have helped build the Valaverse. Here is a SPECIAL THANKS to these individuals: Eric Gordils, Paul Panfalone, Derryl DePriest, Dave Proctor, Shane Porter, Roger, Mark Weber, Fred Meyer, Chris McLeod and many more!