Action Force


Art by Bobby Vala & Ed Waysek Pandora

Code Name: Pandora
File Name: Miranda Kelly
Birthplace: Limerick, Ireland
Primary Specialty: Logistics
Secondary Skills: Light infantry, personnel training

The first thing a person sees about Pandora is the smile – a pretty pair of lips with ragged scars running up the edges. The last thing her enemy wants to see is the flash of lightning in her eyes as her patience snaps. The woman has anger issues, but maybe she had them before a rival Irish mobster had his lads cut the “Glasgow smile” into her face.She tried to learn to control the issues during her service to the crown with the Royal Irish Regiment. After loosing some friends in a 2000 operation in Sierra Leone, she swore revenge, got some hard veterans together, and hunted down the families and friends of the Sierra Leoneans that killed her comrades. The hits took seven years, but afterward she found herself in charge of a small, tough outfit of hardened criminals. With no intention of turning back to civilian life after the killing, her outfit hit the streets of the Irish criminal underground hard.Her disciplined control of a murder-hardened group of criminals drew the attention of a rival mobster intent on cutting her organization down before it became a threat. Her boys turned up dead one by one. All of them had wounds from multiple assailants. Whoever took her boys out paid a high price.The price for killing her boys remains unpaid, but she sports the Glasgow smile as a reminder of her intended revenge. The knife marked her face for life, but the attacker saw the lightning in her eyes. The look marked him for death. Now in the New Republics, she builds her resources for a new military mob. Business now, revenge later, but she lives by the motto of her old unit "Faugh A Ballagh.” Clear the way. She plans to take her time clearing the path to revenge. When she has enough resources ready, the mobster back in the homeland will know fear at the sight of the lightning and the smile.

Bio by: Christopher S. Pineo


Figure Art