Action Force

High Point

Art by Alex Sanchez & Ed Waysek High Point

Action Force

Code Name: High Point
File Name: Robert F. Jackson
Birthplace: Augusta, Maine
Primary Specialty: Airborne
Secondary Skills: Marksman, Survival

Growing up, High Point always wanted to become a professional football player to play in the Inter-Republic Football League. Specifically, he wanted to be a tight-end, and he showed promise for his ferocious blocking and ability to make one-handed catches over the opponent's best players. While going to high school, however, his life was forever changed when New Colonia agents staged a raid on a New Alliance defense base, wiping out a battalion of highly trained men and women in what become known as the Louisville Massacre. The time for fun and games was over; High Point enlisted in the defense forces, a prized recruit based on his athletic prowess and tactical aptitude.

Showing immediate promise, High Point was given advanced training in Ranger disciplines, including airborne operations and extended field deployment. Rising quickly through the ranks, within a year High Point was leading secret retaliatory strikes that crippled New Colonia's attack capabilities. It wasn't long after this that High Point was recruited to join Action Force.


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