Action Force


Art by Bobby Vala & Ed Waysek Eclipse

Action Force

Code Name: Eclipse
File Name: Dyani Tamayo
Birthplace: Rochester, NY
Primary Specialty: SERE (Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape)
Secondary Skills: Extreme Weather, Espionage

Once she could walk, Eclipse was trained to be an elite tracker and survivalist. Raised on a reservation by her father of a Mohican tribe and her mother, an Army Captain of Ecuadorian decent, Dyani Tamayo absorbed every skill passed on by her parents. She surpassed even her father’s tracking skills. He would often refer to her as an “Eclipse” because of her skills to move into shadow. Dyani followed in her mother’s footsteps by joining the military and eventually became one of three women to ever be accepted into the Army Rangers. With her unsurpassed tracking ability, Eclipse was used in many covert missions as reconnaissance. She was so effective at her stealth that she often completed the mission on her own without ever firing a shot. This lone personality caused the ire of her unit and her commanding officers. Even with a perfect success rate on her mission’s, Eclipse was relegated to field training where she could pass on her abilities.

During the formation of Action Force, Down Range was tasked with finding the most elite men and women to be part of the unit. At the top of his list was Eclipse. Down Range was one of the few that appreciated her work and immediately recruited her. With a renewed calling, Eclipse fell into the ranks of Action Force as if she was the perfect puzzle piece. Now a senior member, Eclipse carries out missions of the utmost importance to bring peace back to the republics.


Figure Art