Action Force

Down Range

Art by Chris Puglise Down Range

Action Force

Code Name: Down Range
File Name: Greg R. Seems
Birthplace: Philadelphia, PA
Primary Specialty: Infantry
Secondary Skills: Reconnaissance

DOWN RANGE appreciates the structure and accountability of a military life. He enlisted directly after graduating high school and quickly became a standout during his Army Ranger training. From Basic Training to Advanced Individual Training through Army Airborne School, the Ranger Indoctrination Program, and Ranger School DOWN RANGE quickly earned a reputation as a hard-nosed, focused soldier intent on accomplishing his missions. When the United States splintered, DOWN RANGE was one of the first soldiers chosen for Action Force. His no-nonsense approach and laser focus makes him a prime choice to lead a squad or an operation.

Observation: “He gets respect even from the guys who don’t like him. He doesn’t say much, never talks about himself, and shows zero interest in anything not mission-related. Most people think he’s a jerk, or too self-absorbed to waste time on being nice. The truth is he shoulders total responsibility for bringing his entire squad back alive, and that’s enough weight to keep him busy 24/7.”


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