Action Force

The United States are no more. Following the dissolution of the Federal Government, all 50 states declared independence and began to govern and defend themselves as individual republics. All branches of the armed forces spread their allegiance to these new republics which left many states inadequately defended. The second American Revolution was a confusing but surprisingly peaceful time as the state republics learned to trade and interact with one another. The coexistance did not last as the greed of men could not be contained.

The super power formerly known as The Republic of Texas declared themselves an empire now known as New Colonia. Using their powerful military, The Garrison, to pour over their borders and invade neighboring republics, New Colonia’s goal was to secure as much land as possible to mine Casteladium, the newly discovered mineral for sustainable energy. Republics were given the option to join or be invaded.

Other states were stunned by this interstate violence and barely had time to consider their options. Within two years, the New Colonia empire had conquered seven states and started to make its way into Mexico. Each state built up their own defenses, both against the growing southern threat but also each other. Some states banded together and formed the super republic, We the People, while smaller states relied on militia and mercenary groups like, The SWARM, to defend their borders. It was not only New Colonia that threatened the peace. Terrorism from around the world spread to take advantage of this new revolution.

Republics not tied to any alliance felt a counter offensive must be launched to defend from the growing threats. Each republic chose their top military individuals to form a peace keeping force … an Action Force! Elite men and women from all over the country joined together to thwart terrorism and push back the New Colonia forces and restore peace to individual republics.


Factions and Military Personnel